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SoftCloud IBE Ver 1.2 Released

We're pleased to announce that we have released version 1.2 of SoftCloud IBE with the below features and enhancements.

We have plenty of new features going live over the next few months and we'll keep you updated as we go along.

The new version of the solution should have already been rolled out to your server meaning new features are ready to use.

So What's New?

1. Customer Login Module

Your customers will now be able to create an account with you and login in to your website. we will now expand on the functionality availble with this new module in place, currently this will give you the below functionality.

  • Customers can save a search from the results page. When they come back to your site they can then visit the "Saved Searches" section of the website and pick up where they left off.

  • Customers can save the final confirmation page, they can then come back, open "Saved Searches" and open the page confirmation later to complete the booking.

  • For both the above two options we are not holding any seats or saving the translation, the system will re-confirm availability before completing the transaction.

  • You can now request a second B2B login from Stuba/RoomsXML that will offer better prices compared to standard B2C. Once a customer has registered on your site and performs a search they will see the lower B2B rates when searching hotels.

2. Special Offers Module

  • We have introduced filters on to the Special Offers page. Your customers can now filter offers by Offer Type (Flight, Hotel, Package, Multi Destination Package), Destination and Month

  • All offers now have the option of entering in a destination so that they can be filtered by your customers. Flight offers already had this field but Hotel, Package and Multi Destination Package did not, you will need to go back and edit these offers and add a destination so that these destinations show up in the filter. For Multi Destination packages you can enter up to three cities.

  • Added note to all special offers " The above offer is subject to availability at the time of booking "

  • Reduced the number of mandatory fields required to enter a special offer. Any mandatory fields will now show a red *

4. News Section / Blog

  • You can now add a thumbnail to every blog entry. This is a seperate image that will be shown on the main Blog page next to the article listing. You can add a thumbnail to an existing article by editing the article and uploading an image to the "Thumbnail" field

  • All new articles will now show a creation date. You can add a date to existing articles by editing an existing article and clicking "Update".

5. New Colour Themes Added

  • Pink

  • Blue and Red

  • Yellow and Blue

  • Green and Blue

6. Footer Text

  • The Home Page management section now has the option to add Footer text to your website. This could be used to add an ATOL statement, basic conditions or general information.

7. Manage Footer Logos

  • Click "Manage Website" then "Footer"

  • You can now add logos to the Footer of your website e.g. ABTA, ATOL, TTA logos. The logos can also link to a URL, so that when clicked they take your customer to a specific site or page. E.g. Check an ATOL page for the ATOL logo.

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