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Launching Soft Cloud IBE Version 3.0

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

What better way to launch 2023, than the latest release of Soft Cloud IBE, we're launching version 3.0 with some fantastic new features.

As is standard, all customers both new and existing wil automatically be on the latest version of the software, so everyone benefits from the new features.

So what's new in Version 3.0? Good thing you asked because the list is below!

  • Easier to navigate admin panel. We've tidied up the admin panel menus and forms to make the site easier to manage.

  • New colour themes added. This is self explanatory! Choose the manage Home Page option and you can check out the new colour themes.

  • New website home page layout. We've added a 4th layout option so you can choose to show the search box on the top of the page. This adds to the existing centre, right and left options.

  • New search form colour options. Previously you had the option of white or transparent white for the main search form. You can also choose Black, Transparent Black, Blue or Transparent Blue.

  • Favicon you can now add a Favicon to your website, this offers a little extra customisation and uniqueness so your custom logo appears in the browser tab. If your customer chooses to save your website to their smart phone home screen they'll see the Favicon as an app logo on the home screen. Learn more about Favicons here .

  • Brand new "Call Only" search added. We've now got a 4th option for the search engine to go with the existing live booking with payment, hold booking without payment and email query generator. You can now choose the Call Only option s your customers will be shown the live results as normal but with a Call Now option. A popup box will appear when they click call now with your own custom text and image with the phone number displayed. If they are using the website on a mobile device they will be able to tap the phone number to call your company instantly.

  • New "Why Book With Us" Section on homepage. You can now show your customers the unique selling points (USPs) of your travel business by adding 4 USPs to your home page, along with an eye catching icon. Talk about your experience, knowledge or financial protection. The choice is yours, this feature further enhances your customisation and marketing opportunities.

  • Enhanced footer options and design. We've improved the footer design and also added the option to add a long horizontal banner to the bottom of your page. You can upload and use a JPG or PNG file.

  • Enhanced deep linking. You can now deep link staright into the search results of your booking engine. Perfect if you want to bring in customers from banner ads on other sites and have them deep link directly into results for specific destination and dates. For information on this option please contact the support team. This option can also be used if you want to build and manage your own home page and let us take care of the booking engine

  • New mobile layout for search results. We've improved the search results on mobile browsers making your travel website even more mobile friendly.

  • We've now introduced new deep link features to the offers page you can now create customer links to load the special offers page pre filtered by airline, destination, offer type and date or by any combination of these. For example you could place an image of Dubai and URL link on any social media that would take your customers directly to the special offers page with only Dubai offers showing or alternatively create URL with only Flight Offers on a specific airline. Please contact our support team for information on this new feature and how to use the URL query string.

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